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Lowana from @vanyanis and myself. Her friend took us to this amazing chocolatier in London, England!

Lowana from @vanyanis and myself. Her friend took us to this amazing chocolatier in London, England!

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Buying a corset based purely on the waist size is similar logic to buying a bra based solely on the generic cup size. You’re ignoring so many other important aspects.

What’s the underbust measurement of the corset? If it’s too loose, it will gape away from you; if it’s too tight, it could give you muffin-top or possibly hinder your breathing.

What’s the hip measurement of the corset? If it’s too big, it may flare out from your body and not properly support the lower tummy (in the case of longline corsets). If the hip is too small, it could cause numbness around your hip/ bottom, or in extreme situations could give you long-term nerve damage by trapping the nerves between the corset and the iliac crest.

What’s the length of the corset? If it’s too short, it may cause your lower tummy to bulge out, or it could accentuate muffin-top. If it’s too long, then it could push up on your breasts uncomfortably, or dig into your lap when you sit down.

Please refrain from impulsively buying corsets based only on the waist measurement. Take the time to read through the size charts and fitting information on these websites, and really make sure that the corset will work with the figure you have. If they don’t provide that information, email or call customer service. It could potentially save you considerable time, money and frustration of having to exchange or return a corset that clearly won’t fit (if the company has a refund policy at all).

I’m pretty pleased to see that this is making the rounds again. :3

Y’know, I probably waste too much time on Tumblr, but frustrations stemming from the confusion around corset sizing by Tumblrites are what partially inspired my Lace Base and recent Corset Dimensions Calculator, so it’s not all bad.

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