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cavalier-crisis asked: Hi Lucy! Im really interested in getting a Josephine corset, however Im worried that the underbust measurement may be too large for me when its fully closed, even in the smallest size. How much room do you usually have at the underbust on a corset that you can completely close?

Hello! :) I’ve come to the conclusion that my personal Josephine has complete fluke measurements. Most of the other people I’ve talked to; their Josephine has close to 6-7” difference between waist and ribcage (depending on the size). My other corsets from Isabella (the batty cincher and the Victorian underbust) also had a waist-underbust difference of this much. I’m going to add a note about that in my corset dimensions directory; I just need the time.

But Isabella knows her own corsets best, so it might be worth it to email her and ask for specific measurements of one of her corsets in stock in your size. I know she can be difficult to get ahold of, but it would be better to learn the proportions before you purchase rather than after, right?

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kate-in-space asked: Hi! I've finally got my first corset, an Orchard Corset CS-411, and though it's pretty comfy, I've been doing more research and I honestly think my body type will lend itself to Edwardian S-bend style corsets better. But until I can make\get my hands on one, I'm wondering if I should try to modify my CS-411 at all? It looks great from the front and back, but the silhouette from the side is less curvy than I am naturally, and the bottom back digs into my butt a bit. Is there anything I can do?

Hello! If the back of the corset is not curvy enough, you can *gently* bend the back bones (by the grommets) in your hands, being careful to give it a gradual curve and not a dramatic bend or kink in the bone. It should fit over your tailbone a little more comfortably. Or if the entire back of the corset is cutting into the top of your bum and is too tight in general, I’d try adding gores just to the back panels and see how that feels. :)

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Fangirling at both beautiful, amazing ladies and also “Awwwww XD”-ing at the mutual fangirling between them. There should be a comic book made with Cora The Lingerie Addict and Lucy The Bishonen Rancher fighting annoying myths in the industry.

Aw, thank you! <3 And if Cora were a superhero, I would have no problem being sidekick lol.

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moongalleon22 asked: This is probably going to be a really bizarre question, but here goes - are there any corsets out there that can flatten the chest out as well, or at least NOT emphasise the breasts? I love corsets, but I have mixed feelings about my chest, and I know it's likely not possible to bind and wear a corset at the same time. Whenever I tried a corset on, it made my boobs look bigger, though - are there any that won't do this?

Hello! It is totally possible to bind and wear corsets at the same time. :) I’ve worn the Underworks tri-top chest binder with an underbust corset, and it’s pretty restrictive but it works. The corset holds in any tummy pooch that was created at the bottom of the binder, and the binder holds in any muffin top created by the corset. (Unexpected bonus?) I get a lot of armpit spillage with any kind of binder or sports bra, but I think that’s more on my specific body type.

Depending on your size and the shape of your chest, you may need to do some rearranging of your breast tissue within the binder so it works with your corset. e.g. your breasts may be flattened downward, and if you have an underbust corset that comes up too high, it can trap part of your breast uncomfortably. So you may need to pull the breast up slightly if possible, or opt for a shorter corset/cincher which doesn’t come up so high on the ribcage.

In terms of an underbust corset that will not emphasize the size of your bosom if you’re wearing a regular bra, this is a bit more difficult - by making the waist smaller, the corset is emphasizing everything else by contrast. So if you want to minimize this effect, perhaps you’d prefer a more gentle/ modern slim silhouette, as opposed to a dramatic wasp waist. Once again, opt for corsets that don’t come up to the underwire of any of your bras, to prevent the corset from lifting up your bust and creating a chin-rest effect.

In terms of overbust corsets, those that flatten at the front can end up sort of pushing everything upwards (as much as I hate the stereotype, think of a “bar maiden” neckline) so the flatter you make the center front, the higher you should raise the neckline of the corset if you’d like to keep the bust minimized. I think the corset I have personally tried that did this best was the Valerian overbust from Versatile - in fact, I felt that my bust was almost too small to properly model the corset, and I’m not small.

I hope I haven’t inadvertently said anything offensive. Body image is highly personal and touchy subject, and I’m pretty new to writing about it. But I hope these suggestions have helped in some way. :)

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Mother nature, you know that April Fool’s day was two weeks ago, right? #snow #spring #demeter #stahp #wtf

What the fuck?!

It was 20°C less than 24 hours ago! THIS ISN’T FUNNY ELSA.(Incidentally, I had forgotten that anything I post to instagram ends up here on Tumblr too, haha)



Mother nature, you know that April Fool’s day was two weeks ago, right? #snow #spring #demeter #stahp #wtf

What the fuck?!

It was 20°C less than 24 hours ago! THIS ISN’T FUNNY ELSA.

(Incidentally, I had forgotten that anything I post to instagram ends up here on Tumblr too, haha)

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glamaxon asked: Hi Lucy, question! I got my corset, an I've been seasoning, but I'm having trouble. I can lace it until there is about a 1.5 - 2" gap, and it still feels rather loose to me. It fits my ribs and hips perfectly, but it feels about as right as a big hug. Is this normal? Should I loosen it up or is this okay for seasoning? Sorry, this is probably dumb, I'm just lost. I have pictures on my corset tumblr, glamaxonwaisttrains, if that helps. I watched all your seasoning videos, but I'm a little lost.

Hello! :)

If you’re still seasoning your corset and have a gap in the back, but you think that the top and bottom edges of the corset are fitting flush against your ribs and hips (since you say that they already fit perfectly), then it’s possible that the corset isn’t curvy enough for your figure.

On the other hand, I just checked out your pictures on your blog, and it looks like it’s gaping a little bit still, which is to be expected when you are still seasoning, so there doesn’t seem to be anything glaringly wrong to me. :)

A gentle hug is what it’s supposed to feel like, so don’t worry! If you feel that it’s uncomfortably tight and you’re gasping or sighing, it might be a bit too tight - but the corset being too loose, you don’t necessarily have to worry about as long as you’re comfortable.

If you think you’re able to close the corset all the way though, then you may need to go a size smaller. Just be aware that if this corset feels sort of big at the waist yet flush at the ribs and hips, then your next corset (a size down) will have to be a bit curvier to accommodate your ribs and hips while cinching the waist smaller. 

I hope this helps?